March 30 message: “Can Your Work build the Kingdom of God?”

Our disucssion this past Sunday was earnest, passionate, and rewarding. I do believe we (as a class) came up with more questions than straight, pat answers. Without too much noise from my soapbox, here’s the introduction from the sermon notes again:

For too many of us, our daily “work” is a necessary evil that distracts us from the important task of building God’s kingdom. In other words, what happens Monday to Friday is quite unrelated to what occurs on Sundays. But is this perspective of our work biblical? What does Scripture teach?

Some ideas that presented by Dr. Wheaton included:

  • Serving Christ by carrying the burden and responsibility of carrying the world.
  • God is a worker, architect, builder, weaver, farmer, etc.
  • Ecclesiastes 3:9-14 – people should be happy, it’s our lot.
  • Justification by faith (under which evangelistic activities fall under) is not all. Christ’s purpose is about the rule of God in the world: Shalom, redemption.
  • This work, vocation is about enriching the lives of community.
  • laborare est orare: to work is to pray. The perspective of Thy will be done.

Our own discussion points included:

  • How to discern contentedness?
  • Inspiration from Oswell Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest, idea of “Audience of One” (pulled from the book The Call by Os Guinness), the the concept of craftsmanship.
  • Does work give a “higher satisfication” when it leads to a (church) ministry? (For example, “I accomplished my work so well, that I share about my faith during my coffee break, because people asked me.”) Or can work be satisfying and rewarding just because it simply gives us that pleasure?
  • “It’s all a matter of perspective.” Points included: perspective about what really is the “Kingdom of God”.

So this is just a springboard of ideas for you to think through. Please don’t be shy to express your thoughts and opinions. They don’t need to be theologically right, or even politically-correct, because goodness knows, I’m not. Let’s hear each other… and grow.

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  1. Dr Wheaton says:

    Greetings Dan,
    I am so pleased to see you interacting with the message of Sunday AM! That is the way we grow. One matter that I was raising with the message concerns not just how we work, though that is very important, but what we do. Is it not right for us to see what we do as contributing to God’s kingdom?! The question here is related to another question: “What makes something have eternal usefulness?”. I would love to hear the class discuss this. Then you can relate it to the whole sphere of work.
    Keep talking!!
    Byron Wheaton.

  2. Peter Ching says:

    The ending story of Dr. Wheaton’s sermon raised a number of interesting question in my mind:
    1. Did the thrid stone cutter know for sure that the stone was for building a cathedral, or was it his imagination, or wish dream.
    2. Should the first stone cutter (us for this matter) find out what the stone he was cutting would be used for before continuing his work?
    3. The stone cutter had no control over the used of the stone, what difference would he make to know what the stone would be destined for.
    4. Should he (us for this matter) stop cutting the stone if he knew that the stone would be used to building something sinister, a casino, for example?
    The sermon gave me a wider perspective of being part of the Kingdom than just converting souls, but then a lot depends on the definition of the Kingdom of God, which need to be clarified and explored. A matter of a much deeper study.

  3. Priscilla Ching says:

    I don’t agree with war, it only brings out more hatred, our evil and sinful nature. Being a parent myself, I would not want to see my sons killing other people’s sons or the other way round. Jesus called me to
    be a peace maker and he disappointed people not to start a riot to overthrow the Roman. This is what I received from my Lord.

  4. melo says:

    it’s cool that you strive to real discussion instead of stifling, pat-answer filled lectures that don’t allow ppl to express their views and dialogue about it….

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  6. WaltDe says:

    Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

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