Serious database corruption

We’ve been having some serious database issues (well, just one). We ended losing all of the blog entries in our database. Fortunately for us, we had just migrated to MySQL, so we had all the old entries backed up. I had only posted two entries since our server upgrade (faster, eh?), so I’m a little glad not to have lost so much.
The error I was getting was like:

Statement has no result columns to bind (perhaps you need to successfully call execute first) at /somepath/MT/ObjectDriver/ line 79

Searching through the posts at the MovableType Forums, I noticed that girlie (a MovableType expert) suggests repairing the database.
After some craziness in getting access to the database and whatnot, I repaired it. However, the repair shrunk all the entries table – just threw them away!
So, I suggest doing a

CHECK TABLE tbl_name

first (assuming you can get to your database and know how to navigate through MySQL.)
Now it’s fixed – it’s time for getting a regular backup plan in place.

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  1. anita says:

    glad you got there safely! keep us updated about life in singapore! 🙂

  2. Alan says:

    Dude, were you not supposed to be keeping us updated!?!? 🙂

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