Ahh Toronto

I’m back home (home) now. The new non-stop Bangkok-JFK flight with Thai Airways isn’t too bad – 17 hours. However, I’d prefer sitting in business class (or even their “Premium Economy” class) as trying to sleep in stockage class isn’t the nicest or easiest.

I’m learning to complain a bit less, though. I was lamenting about the lack of movie choices before the flight – but the new planes have a fully computerized on-demand video system – with many more videos availabe than what their website indicated.

After sleeping six hours or so, I watched Be Cool, Oceans Twelve, Hitch, and Elektra. Their video selection includes a whole compliment of documentaries (have I mentioned how much I drool when I receive the CBC TVDocumentaries Newsletter?)… complain no more!

After arriving bright and early at JFK, I met up with Chris to give him a couple of things – including his slides – which he forgot in Thailand. We looked through his photos and talked more about pro photography.
Well, JetBlue is a great new budget airline. Flying to Buffalo, the return ticket is only some $135 USD. I’ve read some favourable blog reviews about them – and I concur! They totally exceeded my expectations – sure they were kinda low – I was expecting like an American Air Asia – but to my surprise, JetBlue doesn’t charge for pop, water and snacks. They’ve got a very customer-centric marketing plan with customer service which that proves it. Plus they’ve got DirectTV satellite TV for every seat! Too bad I couldn’t get the WiFi working at the JetBlue terminal in JFK.

I had a nice surprise at Buffalo: My mom, Ruth, Craig, and Sarah (Ruth’s friend) picked me up there. It was really great it was to see them, and catch up with them on the ride break.

Anyways, I’m back home, resting a bit, trying to get over my jet lag. A 20 km bike ride down to the new and improved Mississauga harbourfront in Port Credit was refreshing.

3 Responses to “Ahh Toronto”

  1. b.p. says:

    welcome home 🙂

  2. 8W says:

    Yo, I saw Hitch too on the plane yesterday. Love it. But it was Air Canada, so that was pretty much the highlight of it all. I wanted to see Be Cool. What did you think?
    I did JetBlue to San Fran from New York for 189 round trip. I “concur” as well.

  3. Dan says:

    b.p.: Thanks! It’s good to be home… just got back from a weekend in Niagara.
    8W: I was going to ask you about places to crash in NYC, but now I’ve found a friend’s place to crash…
    Well, anyways – Be Cool was just ok – I thought the story was pretty weak – not poor, just mediocre. The Rock was kinda funny playing a gay wannabe-actor, Travolta plays a familiar smooth, cool, nothing-fazes-me character… some funny moments, but it’s just a mildly entertaining film.
    Maybe it’s kinda telling that the movie is already slipping from my consciousness…

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