Blog is back

Yes, our system is back up, although not yet completely. We’ve switched servers from our at-home based box to a hosted solution (Dreamhost). Most major things have been migrated and are working. Short of putting up a colophon here, I’m on MovableType 3.2 (beta), moving from a very antiquated install of MovableType 2.5 something.

Lots of minor details still have not been addressed, for example, I haven’t copied over any of my images that I had posted. Additionally, my templates are still way old, and I’m using plugins that are probably old, too.
I’ve got a lot of reading to do, to catch up on the new features in MT 3.x (and especially in 3.2). I hope the spam filters work much better than my previous solution (ask, and I’ll answer), too.

As I set up this system, I’ve seen some really neat upgrades to the system that’ll allow me to post much easily. I’ll also incorporate photos via Flickr. I’ll also be keeping a portfolio of images on the server dedicated for exhibiting my more serious works.

If there are any issues with the site (commenting, RSS feeds, templates, etc.) please let me know.

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