Bangkok Fashion Week

I’m just about to leave the Bangkok Fashion Week show here in the Queen Sirikit Convention Center. I’m shooting as press (for a UNIFEM photo project I’m doing to boot – of course, I’m shooting some ideas so it’s not a problem that I’m at a fashion show and shooting some scenes for UNIFEM.

Anyways, I had some great catwalk photos (with a rented “long” 70-200L f/2.8 lens) and even got backstage at several shows. Of course it would be evil of me to blab on about getting to shoot these shows without sharing any here. Fear not, it’s time for me to put them in a Flickr gallery for all to enjoy.

Oh I hope they don’t air the interview I did with the promoters. I said something really dumb like “Well…. the world could use some more Thai designs in the fashion industry…” Uh yeah, it should be world peace or love (the Carpenters must have been in my head at that time – just waiting for me to make a Freudian slip like that.)

Well, I disavow those comments… time to enjoy some food for the Media, return the lens, get a massage and hopefully join the after-party.

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