RSF: Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

I just picked up the Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents, published by Reporters sans frontières (Reporters Without Borders). I’ve only skimmed through this guide, but it looks like relatively thorough and well presented.

Working in the UNDP and seeing one of my colleagues get burned by the press for an unfortunate comment. Many other colleagues have been on the ground in Afghanistan, Timor L’Este and other hot-spots and post-conflict areas. The news reporting coming from these areas are spotty at best. Some “journalists” don’t care (about ethics, getting a balanced story, etc.), some are biased, and some are just
plain bad.

Yesterday at lunch we were sarcastically calling CNN “news”, nevermind Fox News. Even documentaries running on BBC are flawed. Of course no one gets a perfect picture, but these major news items, which are being covered with such poor quality, shape our worldviews almost irreversably. The question is who do you trust?

Now in Thailand, there is huge outcry that the owner of GMM Grammy Group, the largest record label and entertainment firm, wants one of his units to buy significant controlling shares in Post Publishing Plc. and Matichon Plc., two newspaper publishing houses (disclaimer: my girlfriend works for a GMM Grammy company). The main fear is that Paiboon Damrongchaitham, the owner of GMM Gramy Group who has close ties with the Prime Minister, would influence the papers’ editorial content.

There’s little wonder that the “little” guys and gals are getting their voices heard more.

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