Long distance peek at people from home

Woah, I just spent a good part of my sleeping time surfing and reading blogs of friends from back home. Last week I practically went through the whole blog of one of my high school buddies. Tonight I speed-read through the blogs of several MCBC (and former-MCBC) folks. Some of them were “kids” when I left, and now they’ve grown up quite a bit.

When you read through a good year or two of blog entries, it’s like catching up with their lives… but in absentia. Too bad, I can’t really say that about folks who read through my blog. I’ve kinda fallen off the edge of the world, blogging-wise, cuz I’m plain too busy.

Yeah, boo-hoo to me, but seriously, I’m thinking of cutting back some things, not that they’re unnecessary, au contraire, but I just need more time for me… (which also means God and me). I’d also like to spend more quality time with my fabulous Foreverblue – it’s great that she doesn’t feel needy that sometimes we go on for several days not being able to meet up or see each other. Several things reminded me to express my love to her everyday.

Well, I had a good blog peek at the folks back in MCBC. I miss them in ways, yet they (the “kids”) are growing up and really becoming reflections of Christ to their world, despite heartbreaks, struggles, and life in general. It made me wistfull as I remember dreaming about the world being my oyster. I still dream – as I’m still an optimist, but am even more tempered by reality, my limitations, and my frailty.

Well, life is still grand – although watching a huge bunch of poor and (I believe) landless/homeless people demonstrating the “Cities without Slums” recognition for the World Habitat Day outside the UNESCAP building this morning (scheduled attendance included the Thai Prime Minister, Shinawatra, Deputy Prime Minister Surakiart – who’s a candidate for the UN Secretary General after Kofi Annan finishes, and several UN heads), I’m reminded that they have little time to be wistfull and think about the world and oysters, nevermind writing metaphors and idioms on a blog. This world is still a very unjust and cruel place – just broken and in need of restoration, reconciliation, and redemption. Just like me. The more I am transformed, the more the world can be transformed through me. I think this is how Christ is incarnated in us. This, then is the road to freedom and life…lived in full, not just for me, for the world, starting with those around me.

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