Bratislava visit

I’ll be flying to Bratlslava (via Vienna) for 2 or 3 days for a workshop this Saturday (or Friday if waitlisted tickets get confirmed). Hopefully I’ll get to fly on Friday, so I’ll get a day to walk around, take photos. I’m told it’s a cute city, with a standard of living similar to Bangkok.

I’ll get a bonus from this trip: it should push me over to Star Alliance Gold status. I already have Silver status, which is really meaningless to me, as airport lounge access, which comes with Gold status, is the one benefit I’m really looking forward to. I should receive my Gold status ASAP, good for lounge access when Art, Ben and I fly to Indonesia and Singapore for Christmas and the New Year (well I get to bring ONE guest to the lounge).

Well, if anyone has been there before I’d love to know what sights to see, what things to check out, etc. in Bratislava. I hope to spend one day just photographing the city, including the cathedrals, public squares, etc.

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  1. Amanda says:

    The weather was lovely today. Hope you enjoy it here.

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