Asian American (or Canadian) Emergents Skypecast

I was just doing a bit of surfing at DJ Chuang‘s website/blog today and came across info that he’ll be hosting the 2nd Asian American Emergents Skypecast this Sunday, August 27th at 9pm EST (8pm Central / 6pm Pacific / August 28 10 am Bangkok).

Having chatted with DJ Chuang (a good year or two ago now!) about this, I’d really like to converse with him and others some more on what’s going on and how Asian-American/Canadian churches have responded and explored these issues. Has our orthodoxy and praxis become more Christ-centered in imaginative ways (that is really what emergent movement is all about, anyhow)?

I do feel that I’ve been out of the loop having been away from “home” for a while now (3 years this week!), however, I believe the leaders at my church in Bangkok are also grappling with east-meets-west issues somewhat similar to what I’ve observed within Chinese churches in the Greater Toronto Area.

Anyhow, this is a bit of fortunate timing, as Dan Stine, a good friend of mine and I are considering starting a group to read through some emergent books and prayerfully discuss orthodoxy and praxis.

I hope the word is spread and more people join in. There are 3 questions and 1 article that is the conversation starter on DJ Chuang’s post.

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