Getting ready for the weekend

I’m really disappointed in myself these days. I’ve been going to bed way too late (I was up ’til almost 5 am yesterday)… I’ve been working on little fixes here and there to the blog.

I need to kick my self into gear so I will wake up early and be more productive. I’ve resolved to wake up early to drive Ben to work and come back. Then I’ll spend an hour reading my paper and the Bible. Oh yeah, not to forget – and pray – “Just to make it through today”.

Am I an old-timer or what?

I can’t believe how little the pace of my life has slowed since finishing up on of my courses last week.

And I’m supposed to lead the concert of prayer this weekend at our Church fellowship retreat. Hmm.. I’ve got two songs picked. Song selection is not that big of a concern – it’s planning out the prayer time that I really want to concentrate.

Well, I’ll do planning tomorrow when I drive Ruth up to Waterloo.

Which means off to bed NOW, since I gotta be on the road at 9:30!

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