Discovering local music

Well, I was traipsing around Xintiandi in Shanghai and I heard some live music from one of the clubs… so I looked in and around the swank clubs and I found a local band called “the Honey’s” opening up for a Boston band called “Damone”. I bought the Honey’s CD after chatting with one of the American promoters.
In Indonesia, on the train from Jakarta to Bandung, they had a screen showing music videos and a movie. I saw this video from a band playing west-coast-ish music – reminds me of RHCP. So I went on a bit of a rampage attempting to find what band that was, and buy their CD… unfortunately, I couldn’t find Dewa’s CD’s in the malls in Bandung… I ended up purchasing their latest CD in the Jakarta airport for 140000 Rupiah… which is about $28!!! But I was kinda desperate…
Anyways, I gotta go… but stay tuned for more reflections and thoughts from Asia! I’m having an awesome time down here.

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