Scuba diving in Jervis Bay

We just returned from Jervis Bay, where the white sand beaches are really nice and where Ben and I got our Open Water SCUBA certification done. Ruth got her Advanced Open Water Diving done.
After a full day of classroom instruction (along with quizzes, tests, and videos), a day of pool diving, we had two days of two dives each. Saturday’s beach dives were quite tricky because you need to get into the water through the surf. The weather was blah and the visibility down there was really bad – about 6 meters or so. One of the ladies in our group (of four) panicked and so exited early. I don’t like diving with surge down at the bottom because my natural instinct of wanting to stay at one spot makes me work against the surge, which gets very tiring.
SCUBA diving is all about being relaxed and breathing deliberately slowly and deeply. Sunday’s dive started with us going out to just off Bowen Island. It was cloudy weather in the morning and at the Wall, where we were, it was lots of waves. I got seasick, first in the boat, and then in the water. Going down to depths made me feel a lot better. We saw a bunch of really interesting marine life. I wish I had some sort of underwater camera to capture the stuff. Well, I was sick again upon surfacing and again on the boat. So, at the end of our second dive, I decided to go last on the last exercise, as you exited the water after completing the Controlled Emergency Ascent with Alessio, our instructor. I’m really glad I went diving, and I’m looking forward for diving some more. Since we dove in relatively challenging situations, diving in Thailand, Bali, or other tropical resort places will be much easier. Soo… anybody interested?

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