Happy Birthday to my blog

May 31, 2004 was the 2nd birthday of this blog.
Wow, two years of me on my soapbox (starting with this).
I’ve really enjoyed writing in this space, and I’ve especially enjoyed the conversations that have taken place, the relationships forged and built through this online medium (and into every-day life).
There have been several great tools/technologies that have helped pushed my blogging experience farther:

  1. RSS: Simply: syndication rocks. I wish more people would use it – especially non-technical people. I’m an evangelist for certain emerging technologies (I wrote about a quick entry in February here), and this one is such a good tool for people who read news, blogs – because they are an information sponge (like me), find it useful in their daily jobs (like me), use it to keep tabs on frequently read blogs and websites (like me), and/or like simple and good technology which helps improve every-day tasks (like I do).
  2. Plug-ins for MovableType (my blogging engine), which weeds out comment spams. Spam seems to infiltrate all orifices in the online world, but it can be fought efficiently and effectively.
  3. Online photogalleries: I’ve been posting my photos in my blogs, but they are labour intensive – even more so if I don’t use custom-actions in Photoshop to pare them down, slice and dice them, etc. I’ll be migrating to a good, simple system soon.
  4. XHTML+CSS: I’m re-learning everything about doing web-sites, design for the web, etc. This is where software engineering meets design in the web world for me. Lucky for me, my full-time job at UNESCO Bangkok has me deep into this emerging (in terms of adoption/use) technology and standard.

Some of the issues, ideas, and concepts that continue to drive me, include:

  • Emerging church: post/new-evangelical Christians striving to seek Christ through justice, peace, mercy, compassion, dialogue, and love in this world. There’s exciting but incredibly challenging stuff going on – as modern-day disciples and apprentices of Jesus Christ continue to seek him, to love God and neighbour. This one is very broad for me: theology, ecclessiology, missiology (theology of church and missions, respectively), post-modernism, culture, worship, art, peace and justice, discipleship, and developing-world issues.
  • Society, technology, and values (or ethics): The armchair philosopher in me comes out (here, too). I hope to go beyond being an armchair philosopher, however.
  • Asia: living in South-East Asia presents some interesting challenges to people brought up in the West. However, there are some very interesting developments here that will be very meaningful in the near future. Keep tuned…

I’ll continue to write more, post more photos, challenge ideas, present new (and not-so-new) concepts, and share of my life here.
Happy birthday p a s s i o n + r e a s o n!

9 Responses to “Happy Birthday to my blog”

  1. Alan Liu says:

    Dude!! Happy (blog) Birthday! I suppose mine is 2 years since April 12. Though I have a break of over a year inbetween! And no technological advancements from which to speak of.

  2. b.p. says:

    speaking of online photographies, there’s a software pgm called “hello” that allows you to post from your computer directly/automatically to your blogsite w just a few clicks of the mouse button.

  3. raymond says:

    I was just recently directed to this space of the Web, and have been reading some. Interesting blog; and congratulations on the two year anniversary.
    Regarding the ‘Emerging church’ topic, I find that very important. Having done some research on Serbia the last weeks (I am involved in a Norwegian-Serbian cooperation between youths), I have learned about how the Serbian Orthodox Church has for long periods of the time gone somewhat away from preaching about love for your neighbour or dealing with issues in the scriptures, and been moving more into the political sphere, and especially in the rally against other faiths in the region: the catholic croats, or the muslim bosnians… It is my hope too that religion can move further in the direction of promoting peace, tolerance, love, and development.
    Who knows, I might figure out how to use MovableType and start blogging myself.

  4. Andrew Jones says:

    happy birthday – my blog birthday was a few days after yours, and i just celebrated the big number 3.
    I track you on RSS. Didnt know you were in Bangkok. Keep on blogging!

  5. Andre Garde says:

    Dude, your page doesn’t validate.
    School friends always come back to haunt you. 😉

  6. Dan says:

    Ha ha, it validates better now.
    Some stupid things are related to how MovableType wraps paragraphs in the text-entry box, because I manually make the ordered and un-ordered lists. Same goes with the blockquote.
    Of course, the XHTML Transitional spec says that neither ul, ol, nor blockquote can have p as their parent – but due to how MovableType converts line-breaks, my posts do not validate.
    I’m not quite sure why it doesn’t like my special characters (the smart-quotes and elipses) – they are escaped quotes – hmm. don’t have time to read the XHTML spec.

  7. melo says:

    happy blog birthday to you! your site has always been a mentally and visually stimulating read. thanks! and like b.p. said earlier about hello…it’s really cool! it makes posting pictures up without having to store them on personal webspace possible!

  8. Alan Liu says:

    Hey dude,
    Tammy finished the election platform project.
    If you would like a party-by-party overview of 16 different issues for the upcoming election, take a look at the chart here. We have included questions along with each issue that you might want to think about when assessing each platform. I hope that it will help you make an informed choice and that you will use it to vote for a party that will bring justice and equity to our society.
    —end quote—
    Click me: Election Chart

  9. Alan Liu says:

    Oh yeah, Dan, if you want, make this a blog entry for your readers. I think this is something positive for the emerging church. A welcome change from the pulpit political propaganda to an invitation to think critically.
    Passion… AND reason.

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