Chillin’ in (chilly) Mississauga

Have I mentioned that it’s cold here, back home? I guess “missing” out several winters has made me pretty unused to cold weather. I did enjoy the cold crisp air in London, UK, however. I’ll be bringing a scarf and other warm clothes back, however.
Being back here, it’s been a good visit so far. I have little jet-lag, sleeping around midnight, up at around 8/9am – so it really feels like I haven’t really left. My room is still pretty much the same, from a jog around the neighbourhood yesterday, I see that is still the same. Yes, there’s a nice spacious new terminal at the airport, but besides that, I haven’t seen too much new construction and buildings around town yet. Of course, I’ve been changed and so have many of my friends and acquaintances. One major thing is how many of my friends are getting engaged and married.
Anyhow, I’m heading downtown today to catch-up with some friends and then we’ll have a birthday party/family get-together.

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