I had a great time of reconnecting with many friends and acquaintances at MCBC,
my home church. I must be talking myself hoarse now, explaining to everyone that I’m at home for only a week and that I’m going back to Thailand.
It’s hard to fully connect with some people I’d like to connect on a deeper level, but it’s good, nonetheless. I remember what we were taught during our short-term missions trip debrief: many people will not really be interested in all the amazing things I’ve seen, experienced, and processed. It’s easy to want to explain all the God-things going on, but it can be discouraging when the response to my passionate recollections is just muted interest. For people without this knowledge, this part of the re-entry process is particularly difficult.
Anyhow, I’ll be connecting with Ivan, a good child-hood friend of mine tonight, and Craig, one of my best-friends tomorrow night. There will be a lot of catching up. Although it seems that nothing has changed, much has changed in each of our lives.
I guess I can bounce “dreaming God’s dreams” off of them. I’m prayerfully trying to be oriented towards God’s will (where his spirit blows) – where my dreams are actually God’s dreams. He makes his dreams happen, beyond our control and imagination. I guess this is the call to radical Christ-likeness, which seems counter-intuitive, perhaps in my situation where my parents are pushing me towards “settling down”. But I don’t feel called to that – at least not in the way they picture it.
I wonder how much I’m being caught between honouring my parents and in seeking and resting in God’s call, as far as I understand it to be. It’s very tempting in some ways to just settle back here, but I really know that I’ll be extinguishing a flame that God has put in me (and a passion he’s given me), to serve and to live in Asia – at least for now. There are so many of my friends and peers here who are chosing to settle down into domesticity. It’s not that I don’t long to get married, start a family, etc., but I don’t long to settle into the same pattern that is deemed “normal” here. It seems so cookie cutter to me (and to several other close friends).
I’ll leave the thought here, as it’s leading to a topic that I’ve been mulling (and brewing) over for a year or so. Keep tuned…

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  1. Vivian Lui says:

    Hey Dan,
    It was good to see you on Sunday. 🙂
    Your post resonates with me, but the same time, I’ve gained a different perspective. Where in the past, becoming a cookie-cutter Christian might have been desired, being a ‘radical’ Christian now seems to be the recent trend. Not that it’s bad – because I don’t believe it is at all.
    But if the passionate disciples are selling their possessions, studying in seminaries, travelling the globe, and participating in other so-called radical activities, who’s left at home for the ‘ordinary’ disciples to aspire to emulate?
    Ben once said to me, “Don’t NOT do something, just because everyone else is doing it.” And I wonder if the life back home isn’t just as challenging, if not more, to be a radical, Christ-like influence while having all the responsibilities of attending to our workplaces, immediate families and church families. Marriage, parenting and work are all created holy, and require as much self-sacrifice and dependence on the Lord.
    Perhaps it’s not so much about being a different Christian, than it is about being a faithful one, to whichever calling God has for each individual – at home or cross-culturally.

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