Too busy to barf

Friday’s lunchtime conversation touched on the incredibly busy lives my colleagues and I have. Phet was stating that we so busy that he could almost vomit. And in writing that previous sentence, my colleague has been running (not just walking-fast) back and forth past my desk. I can relate to Phet. Even though my boss and another colleague, who would take command when my supervisor is awa, are away, I’ve been running at a good clip.

We’ve been pretty “cooked”, with lots of work, so having a bit of down time is crucial to maintaining my sanity. I just borrowed a book Nurturing Silence in a Noisy Heart by Wayne E. Oates from my housemate Ryan. I really need to nurture and cultivate inner peace this week, as I prepare for this weekend’s LIFT retreat (include facilitating a practical workshop on Classical Christian disciplines), attend meetings and receptions with our pastoral candidate couple, participate in the monthly ECB Governing Board meeting, on top of a demanding work schedule.

Whew… so why am I even writing this, in the face of a crazy schedule? Perhaps I’m just needing this moment to destress and have the hamsters in my head re-attach their running wheel.

I scanned a fascinating article, “Meet the Life Hackers” in the NYTimes this morning, describing “life-hackers, academic and amateur, who approach the ever-increasing craziness of high-tech life and its many interruptions as an engineering problem to be solved.” Very informative, inspiring, and cool.

Also very cool: The Apple Quicktime movie trailers page has been redesigned, and it includes an RSS feed.

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