Template upgrades

I’m in the middle of upgrading my MovableType templates to the default ones before moving them to a new template with my customizations on it. I’m stuck, because my entries aren’t showing up, and the header text on the sidebars (like “Search”, “Categories”, and “Archives”) don’t show up when I’m using the default templates (the ones downloaded from the default templates site and the ones that come in the MT 3.2 en_US installation package).

Interestingly one of my sites doesn’t have this problem (I just built it not more than 2 weeks ago), and I haven’t used any custom code or anything. However, when I copy over the template code, the header text re-appears. It looks like I need the language pack installed, as all text in MT_TRANS tags don’t show up at all.

Update: Well, I found out that I was NOT supposed to copy the templates in the default_templates folder into my linked templates. Oops. The templates with MT_TRANS stay in the default_templates folder, and whenever a new blog is created, MT does the translation (according to the author’s default language). Brad Choate makes a reference to this here.

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