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I just got set up with Technorati and while at it, searched who is linking back to me. Well, well, I have several more feeds added to my RSS newsreader:

Of course I checked out some other sites linked off these blogs – and lo and behold I stumbled across the new trend of… baby “blogs” that many of my friends have put up. Of course a ton of my friends from my “tribe” have gotten married over the last five years, and now as these couples are bearing fruit, baby scrapbooks are going digital.

It’s perhaps an unnerving thought that this possibility isn’t too far down the road for us, too. Yeah, the pre-baby jitters are hitting me now, some 3 or so years early. Yikes.

On another note, the number of of young’un’s blogs (found by following links to links… to more links) astounds me. I’m a little wowed as I crawl through this immense and growing blog cloud from those in or somehow associated to my “tribe”, which was initially Toronto-based, Chinese-Canadian, Christian. If this is a sign of “growing old” or not, I’m not sure, but it’s quite fascinating to read the blogs of young bright-eyed “kids” emerging from schools (high-school and universities) and hear their optimism seeping through. Yes, sure, some blogs are not much more than a digital record of “I painted today,” or “I had trouble rendering the foreshortening of the fingers and I’m gonna cry,” (thanks Viv) but many are very eloquent and well-thought out. I think blogs are expressions of emergent faith, which is probably changing the spiritual landscape back at home.

Anyhow, good to have connected a bit more with “home”, even virtually.

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