Adventures in unclipping

After having bought a Schwinn Mesa GX from a friend of mine about a year ago, I haven’t had the opportunity to ride in and around Bangkok. Apparently there are a bunch trails around this area called Phra Pradaeng, but I haven’t ridden there yet.

Last time Ben came to visit, he bought me a set of Crank Brothers Mallet C clipless pedals. Of course it took some time to install the clips on my shoes, since the hex tools I bought here were quite useless. The upside of these platform pedals is that I can use it street shoes.

I went for a quick ride, trying out the clips and getting a tour of my neighbourhood. At one moment, I didn’t managed to unclip and fell right over in front of a car (that was thankfully going very slowly). I really need to get used to clipless pedals again, since it’s been a long time, and it’s quite embarassing to fall clipped in.

Distance: 3.05 km
Time: 13.33 minutes
Average Speed: 13.6 km/h
Max Speed: 29.9 km/h

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  1. Tim says:

    Finally, after a couple of months, I’m used to getting in and out of my pedals. No more embarassing spills (so, I can totally empathize with your recent experience). I have CB Eggbeaters on my mountain bike, CB Candies on my road bike. I’m looking for a used pair of Eggbeaters for my commuter bike (yeah, don’t ask; don’t know why I have 3 bikes right now), because I only have (and only want) 1 pair of biking shoes. Plus, I really like the CB stuff.
    Wish I had a GPS unit or a bike computer. Oh well, will just have to use: (, my watch and good ol’ math!
    August 6, 2006
    Calgary to Bragg Creek
    Distance: 68.91 km
    Time: 2:05:00
    Average Speed: 33.08 km/h
    Max Speed: (unknown – it’s a fairly flat route, though)

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