In a Bangkok minute

This past month has been full of friends leaving Bangkok. Although life as an expat is full of these inevitable movements of friends, it is not really easy to see friends go.

Helen, a colleague and friend has left to join her fiancé in London before they get married at the end of the year. Jeb has left for NYC. Mark – who has hosted the guy’s group – will be leaving with his kids for a new job in Massachussets; his wife Mari will be following shortly. And tonight’s farewell get-together was a send-off for Margaret who is heading to NYC for a post at DPKO. I think that certainly life doesn’t really run at New York hyperspeed, but sometimes I wonder. Bangkok has a touch of a bright-light, big-city feel, although its Thai culture (charm to some, curse to others) tempers it down.

Anyhow, this weekend, we will be having some pre-wedding photos done. Thanks to the generosity of John Cordova co-founder of Cha Spa, our photos done on location there will be free of cost. Cha Spa is a beautiful Chinese heritage spa located on Thong Lo Soi 25, specializing in Chinese medicine and Tui Na, a form of Chinese manipulative therapy (i.e. massage) using accupressure techniques. We haven’t yet tried out any of the treatments, but with such reasonable prices, we’ll try it out soon. I marvelled more on the fact that I live in a small world when I found out that John is a good friend of a friend of mine, Catrin, in London – they are both employed by the same global law firm. She was gracious to let me crash at her place almost two years ago, when I went through London to visit Toronto.

Also, out of gratitude, I’m passing on their flyer for their promo with hu’u.
<a href=”images/i/adv_huu_cha.jpg” rel=”lightbox” title=”Cha Spa promo with hu’u”><img src=”images/i/adv_huu_cha_TH.jpg” />
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  1. Beata says:

    hey, where’s your friend Mark going in Massachusetts? I don’t know if he has friends/family here already, but if not, feel free to pass on my contact info. Loren and I would be happy to have them over for dinner and/or show them around if they’d like.

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