Miniature Earth

Miniature Earth – If the world’s population were reduced to 100, it would look something like this…

I just came across this excellently well done Flash movie/presentation. It’s quite stirring and sobering. At the UN, we’ve just finished the Stand Up Against Poverty campaign (as part of the Millennium Campaign) which set a Guinness World Record involving a total of 23,542,614 participants in 11,646 events around the globe.

There is so much more we can do to eradicate poverty… and to make this a better world for all. “Do your best for a better world.”

Other notes: I’ve been off the blog radar, but working on consolidating my photography, developing some flash (FLV) video skills at work (watch these PSAs), and thinking about some photojournalistic ideas, on top of wedding planning. But I’m being drawn to tie my media/photography skills and dreams to development work. For a season it has seemed that my desire to make a difference in and through development work was dimmed by the sheer busy-ness of my life and work. Slowly, I’ve been making investments in time and energy to make this a larger reality in my life.

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