RSF: Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

I just picked up the Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents, published by Reporters sans frontières (Reporters Without Borders). I’ve only skimmed through this guide, but it looks like relatively thorough and well presented. Working in the UNDP and seeing one of my colleagues get burned by the press for an unfortunate comment. Many other colleagues […]

Two years in Bangkok

I passed my two-year mark in Bangkok just two weeks ago. It’s quite amazing how quickly time has passed and how much has happened since I arrived in Bangkok with a vague understanding and expectation of how life was to unfold for me. I’ve spent seven months with the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace […]

Of klongs and losing shoes

Bangkok is well known for its infuriating traffic, which frustrates most expats greatly. If you’re willing to explore alternative forms of transportation (alternative to the expat experience of travelling mainly by taxis and the Skytrain), the extensive bus routes, pervasive motorcycle taxis and the speedy klong (canal) boats are excellent ways of getting to your […]

Bangkok Fashion Week

I’m just about to leave the Bangkok Fashion Week show here in the Queen Sirikit Convention Center. I’m shooting as press (for a UNIFEM photo project I’m doing to boot – of course, I’m shooting some ideas so it’s not a problem that I’m at a fashion show and shooting some scenes for UNIFEM. Anyways, […]

Elementary connections

This weekend was spent in Chiang Mai – one of my stops or destinations for a photo project I’m doing for UNIFEM. Over the course of an introductory conversation with Brent Madison one of my contacts (with whom I was connected to through several people – notably Kirill Konine, my former housemate in Bangkok, and […]

Phrase for the weekend

While reading some materials, I came across voodoo categorization. I like this phrase. This explains that much of our categorization is based on fiction, or (appropriately) arbitrary definitions. Let me back-track and give some context: I’m working on some information architecture for a collection/cache/chaotic stash of our documents, and I dug around the web for […]

10 Stories the World Should Hear More About

Check this out for your Friday reading: 10 Things the World Should Hear More About The stories include: Somalia: Steps on a path to fragile peace in a shattered country Tragic blind spot in health care for women Northern Uganda: A humanitarian crisis that demands sustained focus Sierra Leone: Building on a hard-won peace Actors […]

Six months

  This past Saturday marks six months in my relationship with my girlfriend, Art. We didn’t celebrate it in any fashion, except to visit the Thailand Travel and Dive Expo (yes I suppose we celebrated by buying some packages). But it’s almost hard to believe it’s been six months – I can say it’s been […]

Feeddemon and NewsGator join forces – sweet

I’ve been wondering which RSS reader to switch to over the last two weeks, as Sharpreader bloats incredibly badly (it tends to use 150MB+ of memory as it loads my newsfeeds into memory). I’ve since uninstalled it and have been poking around with FeedDemon. It is, however, not a free or open source product – […]

Corporate blogging

At work, we’ll start brainstorming how certain tools such as blogs, wiki’s, etc. can add value to our organization. I realize that blogging can be a very useful tool, however, with very-busy-people, are the returns (whatever they are – from a knowledge management point-of-view) worth the effort (resources, time, money, committment, etc.)? I feel yes, […]

Substantively sparse

Why is my blog page so empty? And for so long? Well, the default answer is that life is so busy and that I have no time to post. Truthfully, I just haven’t made the time to post, as life has been indeed very busy. This week, I’ve just come out of an intense month […]

Acronym Creep

Acronym Creep – a condition known to beset the Canadian Chinese Christian Community (CCCC) and United Nations (UN) staff. Akin to what’s known in software developing parlance as “feature creep”, acronym creep is a prediliction or tendancy to using using more and more acronyms. Imagine if you had a sentence consisting largely of acronyms. Perish […]

Dying laptop hard disc drive

Suddenly yesterday, my laptop became less responsive, so much so, that it now refuses to boot. I think the drive is kaput. I probably have a couple GB’s of digital photos there, as well as lots of personal and work data, as well as various MP3’s. I hope to salvage as much as possible and […]

UN acryonyms

This is what happens when my sister Ruth and I get together: we get stupid and larf about silly things. This happens in the virtual-life (MSN messenger) as well as in real-life. This got set off when I told her I needed to get some photos to UNIFEM for some posters they’re making. Here are […]

Info on WorldTeach

Does anyone have any information about WorldTeach? As far as I know, they’re an outfit sending English teachers into Asia. How would they compare with other organisations? Are they pretty reputable, do they treat their employees well? No worries, I’m not looking for myself – but Ruthie is thinking of heading out to this part […]

Where are all Dan’s posts?

I’m fighting valiantly from falling off edge of the world. Perhaps one activity that might keep me from seeming to disappear is to post something. I can blithely blame it on the tsunami: I’m totally tsunamied by my tsunami work. It’s been a bit of a challenge working on both developing the technical platform for […]

UNDP – New work

It’s a new day – and new work for me. I’ve been hired as a consultant to the UNDP Country Team (and under the UN Resident Coordinator) to build databases and a website to disseminate information on tsunami relief and reconstruction in Thailand. This job landed at the most opportune time, and how this job […]

I’m fine

I’m doing fine and well. I’ve been keeping up with the news about the tsunami aftermath on TV and on the Internet (when I can get access to it.) I’m currently in Philippines, so I’m even farther away from all the devastation. Thanks for all the emails and calls – I can’t receive them, as […]

Airline food photography

I spent today in the food presentation room in Doha International Airport, taking photographs of luscious food. Yes, so it is airline food, but much of it is premium first and business class food. I really enjoyed the food on my flight from Bangkok to Doha – the lunch snack included a small filet of […]

First time in the Middle East

My first couple of days in the Middle East have been a good experience of cultural learning and adaptation. From what I’ve heard, read, and seen (say in the National Geographic magazines), Qatar seems different from the stereotype of what the Middle East is like. Other places like Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc. seem to be […]

Off to Doha, Qatar

Monday morning, I’m flying off to Doha, Qatar for a photography assignment. I have about two days of getting around by myself before having one or two days of food photo shoots for Qatar Airways. I’ll be shooting mainly in their kitchens at the airport, for their food preparation manuals (and perhaps for some publications.) […]

Back in Bangkok: So many things have changed

After a very refreshing time in Chiang Mai, I’m back in Bangkok. I wanted to stay a little longer in Chiang Mai, but couldn’t change my return date. Anyhow, during my week away, I noticed several construction projects have started on Sukhumvit Road, which seems to make the bad traffic a little worse. My apartment […]

Chiang Mai: resting

These last couple of days have been just a good time of resting, conversation, hanging out, and even a bit of consulting work. I spent Saturday night listening to Russ and Sharon dialogue (in the true sense of dialoguing) deeply about the issue of women in ministry. Much of the theology was over my head, […]

Chiang Mai retreat

Chiang Mai, here I come again. I’ll be up in Chiang Mai, with Chris and Pastor Sharon, staying with the Minicks for roughly a week or so. I’m looking forward to relax, refocus, recenter and rest. Since finishing up my contract with UNESCO at the end of last month, I haven’t had a good quiet […]