(A very belated) Happy New Year

Happy New Year… well, Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig? I’ve been very much absent from any writing and blogging as of late, so here are my so-called good excuses: I’ve gotten married, work is more-or-less consuming, my hobbies (photography) are starting to ramp up, and oh… I just got married. I can’t believe […]

In a Bangkok minute

This past month has been full of friends leaving Bangkok. Although life as an expat is full of these inevitable movements of friends, it is not really easy to see friends go. Helen, a colleague and friend has left to join her fiancé in London before they get married at the end of the year. […]

Blasted Blisters

A new pair of Timberland TravelGear shoes I recently purchased have given me horrendously painful blisters, almost rendering me unable to walk. These shoes are a replacement for a pair of slip-on GEOX work shoes that have stretched too much (perhaps from unsuccessfully navigating flooded Bangkok streets). Those shoes replaced another pair of shoes lost […]

Wedding prep

Wedding preparations have been going on for quite a while. We’ve taken care of the big things (venue, date, cards, etc.), but the devil is in the details – which are slowly being taken care of. Our wedding website is being worked on, but before releasing it to the world, I need to learn the […]