Get your vote on

So today is the day to vote for the Canadian federal elections. I do hope that all eligible Canadians got out to vote today, if not earlier at advanced polling stations. These elections are important, with a possibility that a majority government will be elected this time around. Having lived outside of Canada for almost […]

Waking from a 3-year blogging hibernation

“Hello again, world”. So what happens in almost 3 years since my last blog post? Life has gotten busy, work has become more challenging, other activities consuming my spare time – if not spent investing on my (relatively newly-) married life. I’ve been wishing and dreaming and planning to redesign my website, blog and photo […]

Nuts of and about blogging

In the short while since Ben has started blogging again, one of his last posts has picked up a good track of comments, which seemingly groks the issues between two of the major blog “systems”: Movable Type and WordPress. Now, guiltily, Ben is right that I have been blogging only nominally as of late. (Shame […]

The discipline of blogging

“Hello World“… errr, I mean, hi, I’m back; that is: back from a 9-month blogging sabbatical. It was less intentional than being not disciplined enough to get a round tuit. Work has definitely picked up and is running me at a full-court press. But I figure I’d better get on with the writing – and […]

Technorati this

I just got set up with Technorati and while at it, searched who is linking back to me. Well, well, I have several more feeds added to my RSS newsreader: Duffshot Weewian Flonado FacistMalady Of course I checked out some other sites linked off these blogs – and lo and behold I stumbled across the […]

Relevancy and keeping-in-touch

I guess I’m writing because I’m feeling quite guilty that I haven’t written in ages. Not only do I feel guilty, I feel that an activity that used to be a relatively significant exercise and part of my routine has been lost. That general feeling of loss extends also to other activities – because I […]

Disturb Us

About several Sunday afternoons ago at a friend’s apartment, I had the privilege of hearing some first-hand stories and accounts of life and ministry in China. Her ministry was very much grassroots, carried out in a manner befitting St. Francis of Assisi’s infamous quote “preach gospel at all times… use words if necessary.” Her ministry […]

Template upgrades

I’m in the middle of upgrading my MovableType templates to the default ones before moving them to a new template with my customizations on it. I’m stuck, because my entries aren’t showing up, and the header text on the sidebars (like “Search”, “Categories”, and “Archives”) don’t show up when I’m using the default templates (the […]

Too busy to barf

Friday’s lunchtime conversation touched on the incredibly busy lives my colleagues and I have. Phet was stating that we so busy that he could almost vomit. And in writing that previous sentence, my colleague has been running (not just walking-fast) back and forth past my desk. I can relate to Phet. Even though my boss […]

Long distance peek at people from home

Woah, I just spent a good part of my sleeping time surfing and reading blogs of friends from back home. Last week I practically went through the whole blog of one of my high school buddies. Tonight I speed-read through the blogs of several MCBC (and former-MCBC) folks. Some of them were “kids” when I […]

Old Master Q

Hot dang… I saw a link to the online archives of Old Master Q comics. For those not in the know, the comic strips feature Lao Fu Zi (translated “Old Master Q” – why “Q” I dunno), his friends – including Big Potato Head (a short guy with a huge head) – and enemies. They’re […]

Two years in Bangkok

I passed my two-year mark in Bangkok just two weeks ago. It’s quite amazing how quickly time has passed and how much has happened since I arrived in Bangkok with a vague understanding and expectation of how life was to unfold for me. I’ve spent seven months with the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace […]

Blog is back

Yes, our system is back up, although not yet completely. We’ve switched servers from our at-home based box to a hosted solution (Dreamhost). Most major things have been migrated and are working. Short of putting up a colophon here, I’m on MovableType 3.2 (beta), moving from a very antiquated install of MovableType 2.5 something. Lots […]

Ahh Toronto

I’m back home (home) now. The new non-stop Bangkok-JFK flight with Thai Airways isn’t too bad – 17 hours. However, I’d prefer sitting in business class (or even their “Premium Economy” class) as trying to sleep in stockage class isn’t the nicest or easiest. I’m learning to complain a bit less, though. I was lamenting […]

Comments working again

I just fixed something that wasn’t allowing comments to be posted. So now you can post comments – and no, I don’t mean you, if you’re a comment spammer (it’s a waste of your time anyways).


I had a great time of reconnecting with many friends and acquaintances at MCBC, my home church. I must be talking myself hoarse now, explaining to everyone that I’m at home for only a week and that I’m going back to Thailand. It’s hard to fully connect with some people I’d like to connect on […]

Emerging churches – London

I’ll be heading (back) to London, UK on Wednesday December 1st. I’ll be staying near Heathrow airport until the 3rd, then will head into town on the 4th until I return back to Bangkok on the 6th. I’m looking to connect up with some emerging churches out there, so if anyone knows of a good […]

Chillin’ in (chilly) Mississauga

Have I mentioned that it’s cold here, back home? I guess “missing” out several winters has made me pretty unused to cold weather. I did enjoy the cold crisp air in London, UK, however. I’ll be bringing a scarf and other warm clothes back, however. Being back here, it’s been a good visit so far. […]

Home sweet home

I’m back home in Mississauga now. I’m here for just 6 days, however, so it’s a whirlwind of taking care of paperwork (all those bills need to get organized in folders!), hanging out with family, meeting up with friends, and running errands. If you’d like to get in touch with me, give me a shout […]

Happy Birthday to my blog

May 31, 2004 was the 2nd birthday of this blog. Wow, two years of me on my soapbox (starting with this). I’ve really enjoyed writing in this space, and I’ve especially enjoyed the conversations that have taken place, the relationships forged and built through this online medium (and into every-day life). There have been several […]

Are you fed up with federal politics?

I just got an email from a CBC National producer. They’re looking for a bunch of non-voting Canadians to participate in “a kind of election boot camp”. I think it’s kinda cool, a reality-type show, getting people an inside peek at what goes on, with the hope it’ll engage Canadian (non-voting) voters. I was chatting […]

Comments and thoughts on ecclesiology

Ok, I’m making my response and thoughts on comments to Thoughts on “Pastoring Thoughts” an entry in itself! I think Willow Creek is great – for being a megachurch and being committed to the discipleship of every member. It is a “success story” of sorts, to be applauded. I think I was unclear here: the […]

Thoughts on “Pastoring Thoughts”

…from Ray Onami’s post “Pastoring Thoughts” Well, North American churches have really latched on to this “Purpose Driven” fad (I will call it that [Jordon Cooper first noted this]), and a preoccupation with church leadership and administration. I don’t want to call it bad or wrong, but it means that much of the energies (financial, […]

Search and replace in MySQL

For my future reference, searching and replacing some text in MySQL, via SQL. Info from an article at The Media Tank. UPDATE mt_entry SET entry_text = REPLACE (entry_text, ‘classlink’, ‘class’) WHERE entry_text LIKE ‘%classlink%’ AND entry_id=”252″; Dunno why MySQL online manual gives a very basic example which is actually quite non-intuitive for figuring out solutions […]