Serious database corruption

We’ve been having some serious database issues (well, just one). We ended losing all of the blog entries in our database. Fortunately for us, we had just migrated to MySQL, so we had all the old entries backed up. I had only posted two entries since our server upgrade (faster, eh?), so I’m a little […]

Please tell me…

My emails I’ve been sending are very “bursty” – I have an idea/thought or two and send them… and then I send another (or even a third), like I was instant messenging. I’ve sent some 20+ emails tonite already – and it’s not due to me being away in Kolkata this past week, for Anupam […]

Worst album covers ever

Stone: Worst Album Covers Ever, via Monkhouse I haven’t these kinds of laughs in a LONG while. I pray that I will *never* make photographs or art like these works of fromage. Before you click the link, make sure you’re wearing brown pants, or yellow pants.. or better yet, brown-yellow pants. When you’re done killing […]

Houses that Change the World

I’ve been pointed to the book “Houses that Change the World” by a “worker” whom I greatly respect. Available online (in a draft version, as a PDF here and here), I’m slowly reading through it. Matt Redman’s song “Can a Nation Be Changed” just played on my laptop, and it’s the thrust of the book. […]

More talk theological

Via Coop. Read a very thoughtful reflection from a guy who spent a couple days with Eugene Peterson (author of the Message). Here’s a challenging thought on church – and strategy. Most of the conversation we had was about the church and scripture. (BTW: he translated the whole New Testament and the Book of Psalms […]

OpenCourseWare for Seminary

If you haven’t heard of MIT’s OpenCourseWare (free, open, publication of MIT Course Materials), a revolutionary concept itself, you’ve got some reading to do. Now here’s The Disseminary. It’s like open source theology – very cool. Speaking of MIT’s OCW, I think I’ll use some of the course materials for reference for my projects in […]

Singapore transit

I’m in Singapore right now. The flight into Amsterdam and then out to Singapore was good. Singapore Airlines is great as usual. The stewardesses are nice, friendly, and pretty – which seems to be the only thing people remember Singapore Airlines for. I didn’t get bumped into Raffles Class (their business class), unfortunately. I’ve got […]

New York City

                  The weather here has been amazing, somewhat like Northern California weather, says Betsy. We’ve been hanging out around Midtown and Downtown for much of our time. Although my flight in was pretty late, due to inclement weather between Toronto and Newark, I had to wait for […]

Going, going…

I am almost gone… out of Canada, for a what seems to be a long time. All the preparation and packing I did seems so inadequate, definitely rushed. Even my farewells seemed a little non-existant. Of course, there was so much to do, getting visas, for example, which had prerequisites – getting the letter for […]

Coop’s blog of the day

Yay! I was listed as Friday’s featured blog on Coop’s blog. Also listed were Phil’s Cybershack, Rebecca Leung’s the subtle pulse of me and Adrian Fung’s The Irrefragable 8W. I encourage you to read Jordon Cooper’s blog, if you have an interest in issues on society, church, religion, spirituality, technology, and mixes of those issues […]

Night without Light

Note:Unfortunately, when writing the previous version of this account, I didn’t bother to save it (I had thought the power would have been stable) and lost it to the electric neverneverland. Yesterday we were hit with a huge power blackout, which affected much of Southern Ontario and the Northeastern USA. Power is still intermittent, as […]

Eyes on town

This week has been incredibly busy. I have been downtown, picking up supplies for my stay in Bangkok, getting visas (an Indian visa, for my friend’s wedding in Kolkata – formerly Calcutta), and then trolling eBay and RedFlagDeals for sales on laptops, bags (got myself a Crumpler bag), and other bigger-ticket items. When I’m intent […]

Bromont Group photo

Requests for photos from Bromont are slowly coming in, so I’m going to post the big group photo here for download. Just right click on the link and select “Save as…” or something… It’s full size, but I’ve retouched it (adjusted the levels, and sharpened up the picture) for better viewing or printing (yes a […]

NetCorps training

Ok, ok, I’ve been tardy in posting… Byung’s posted some of my pics on his site, but the rest are here. Enjoy. (Captions appear when you put your mouse over the thumbnail images)                                           Some […]

Back from Bromont and Ottawa

Whew, it’s been an packed 10 days of learning, meeting new people, partying, exploring, and much more. Now that I’m back from Bromont and Ottawa (for my HRI training segment), I’m just tired. I want some good sleep. Tomorrow I start off again with errands and lots of work to do. Hopefully I’ll meet up […]

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Coming out of this event-filled weekend, I’ve had spent some time in good conversations with a few people. I find that much of the conversation turns toward theological things. However, I can’t help thinking more and more that much of our churches and fellowships are so tuned into “doing” than “being”. So much of our […]

Canada Day in Ottawa

The third installment of my East Coast trip. Our stay in Cabano was mostly due to the fact I wanted to get to Ottawa for an interview with the HRI Internship folks, which I found out about on our first day out to Fredericton. Originally, we were going to stay two nights in Fundy and […]

Who’s got my WMD?

Ben showed me this really funny page off of Google’s search engine. If you’re a Google guru, you should know that the “I’m feeling lucky” will immediately forward you to the top search result. The page that comes up when you type in “weapons of mass destruction” should be a web classic. Try it…

FutureShop Photo (FuturePhoto) is clogged

I’ve been sending batches of images up to FuturePhoto for a good part of the day now, and now it’s getting clogged. FuturePhoto had a one day special of 80%-off 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 images, digital files only. What a great way to get my portfolio images and some other photo contest images up… but […]

Adventures in camping

            After biking around Fredericton on Friday (there are some serious hills there – and it was hot and humid), going to Jeremy Dugay’s wedding Friday evening (held in a simple yet beautiful chapel at St. Thomas University on UNB’s campus – where the people are casual, and relatively dressed […]

All along the Trans Canada Highway: accidents and scenery

Accidents and destruction: human error     Scenery: the beauty of creation       We left Toronto last Thursday (June 26), early in the morning. Because I didn’t get very much sleep on Wednesday, we woke up around 5:30 and were on the road around 6:15 am. Our plan was to be rolling by […]

In one piece after 3000 km of driving

On Wednesday, Ruth and I returned from our East Coast road trip. We hit Fredericton, Fundy National Park, several massive traffic jams on the Trans Canada Highway, Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa, and then a red-eye drive back to Toronto immediately after the fireworks. I’m still recovering and resting up, but over the week I’ll […]

Holy cow over HTML standards (tooltips in ALT tag?)

I was cleaning up my last post, with my fancy images and all, and wondering why the ALT text for the images don’t show up on Mozilla (my browser of choice). I’ve been putting descriptive text in them, so putting your mouse over the thumbnail images will bring up the text as a tooltip… Apparently, […]

New Brunswick…or bust

I’m off to New Brunswick early tomorrow morning. Ruth and I are road-tripping (hopefully that’s the only kind of tripping that’ll be happening) to Fredericton for a lab-mate’s wedding. Then we’ll cycle and camp and then meet up with some friends in Ottawa. For your enjoyment, here are several photos that I shot in the […]