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Nuts of and about blogging

In the short while since Ben has started blogging again, one of his last posts has picked up a good track of comments, which seemingly groks the issues between two of the major blog “systems”: Movable Type and WordPress. Now, guiltily, Ben is right that I have been blogging only nominally as of late. (Shame […]

The discipline of blogging

“Hello World“… errr, I mean, hi, I’m back; that is: back from a 9-month blogging sabbatical. It was less intentional than being not disciplined enough to get a round tuit. Work has definitely picked up and is running me at a full-court press. But I figure I’d better get on with the writing – and […]

Technorati this

I just got set up with Technorati and while at it, searched who is linking back to me. Well, well, I have several more feeds added to my RSS newsreader: Duffshot Weewian Flonado FacistMalady Of course I checked out some other sites linked off these blogs – and lo and behold I stumbled across the […]

Relevancy and keeping-in-touch

I guess I’m writing because I’m feeling quite guilty that I haven’t written in ages. Not only do I feel guilty, I feel that an activity that used to be a relatively significant exercise and part of my routine has been lost. That general feeling of loss extends also to other activities – because I […]

Template upgrades

I’m in the middle of upgrading my MovableType templates to the default ones before moving them to a new template with my customizations on it. I’m stuck, because my entries aren’t showing up, and the header text on the sidebars (like “Search”, “Categories”, and “Archives”) don’t show up when I’m using the default templates (the […]

RSF: Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

I just picked up the Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents, published by Reporters sans frontières (Reporters Without Borders). I’ve only skimmed through this guide, but it looks like relatively thorough and well presented. Working in the UNDP and seeing one of my colleagues get burned by the press for an unfortunate comment. Many other colleagues […]

Blog is back

Yes, our system is back up, although not yet completely. We’ve switched servers from our at-home based box to a hosted solution (Dreamhost). Most major things have been migrated and are working. Short of putting up a colophon here, I’m on MovableType 3.2 (beta), moving from a very antiquated install of MovableType 2.5 something. Lots […]