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12 simple things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint

I’ve just uploaded a new website about how we can reduce our carbon footprint. We all can do our part by employing these simple tips everyday. Please share the website with your friends. There are localized translations in: Chinese (simplified) French Hindi Bahasa Indonesia and a Thai translation which will be published shortly. Oh […]

Miniature Earth

Miniature Earth – If the world’s population were reduced to 100, it would look something like this… I just came across this excellently well done Flash movie/presentation. It’s quite stirring and sobering. At the UN, we’ve just finished the Stand Up Against Poverty campaign (as part of the Millennium Campaign) which set a Guinness World […]

10 Stories the World Should Hear More About

Check this out for your Friday reading: 10 Things the World Should Hear More About The stories include: Somalia: Steps on a path to fragile peace in a shattered country Tragic blind spot in health care for women Northern Uganda: A humanitarian crisis that demands sustained focus Sierra Leone: Building on a hard-won peace Actors […]