Two years in Bangkok

I passed my two-year mark in Bangkok just two weeks ago. It’s quite amazing how quickly time has passed and how much has happened since I arrived in Bangkok with a vague understanding and expectation of how life was to unfold for me.

I’ve spent seven months with the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace as a NetCorps intern. Soon after I landed a consultancy with UNESCO and worked with them for five months. The next three months were spent semi-employed in IT consulting for various firms. Then the tsunami hit and life changed for many people. UNDP Thailand called and I was hired. I ended up producing the tsunami coordination website and was hired on by UNDP Regional Centre in Bangkok. Along the way, I’m dating Art, serving significantly at my church, the Evangelical Church of Bangkok, and trying to find time to do sports, traveling, photography, reading and writing.

Life has not been boring at all here. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, not really finding enough time to do the activities I’d like to and to spend more time with friends.

Before I left, I was agreeing with a friend that six months is a good amount of time to go overseas for missions trips or internships. He said he would turn down an offer for one year, as it would take him away from friends. My six months passed and I’ve barely looked back at the opportunities. I’ve really missed the proxmity and the face-to-face time with friends and family, as Skype and long-distance phone calls are my connection with the very occasional visits.

I can attest that I’ve been extremely blessed and feel very grateful for how my life has played out thus far. I hope that I’ll continue to be a blessing to others as I understand more about “completeness”, “wholeness” and its source in Christ-likeness. I’m absolutely challenged in my work and in my situation. I look forward to the next couple of years…

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  1. Johannes Egger says:

    some comments on UNDP Thailand’s tsunami information web site, from which you link in you article and which you have produced …
    I had a look and found that it does not e.g. validate for XHTML. Also, there is a contacts “database” which contains 13 (!) or so entries and was last updated in January 2005 ???

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