The discipline of blogging

Hello World“… errr, I mean, hi, I’m back; that is: back from a 9-month blogging sabbatical. It was less intentional than being not disciplined enough to get a round tuit. Work has definitely picked up and is running me at a full-court press. But I figure I’d better get on with the writing – and also with the showing of my photos!

I’ve come to realize that I need to discipline my life, especially when life gets busy. Things can fall apart in busy-ness. The Canadian tire (or Canadian male muffin-top) reduction program needs constant attention, relationships need care (we’re just celebrating our first anniversary), photos need to be taken – and even more importantly, need sorting, editing and presenting.

All this requires discipline – the 15 minutes a day to 1 hour a day, easy-win kind of discipline. After walking through the 9 Days in the Kingdom photo exhibition a few weeks back, Enrique and I were lamenting the fact that while our own photography has matured and is more-or-less marketable, we haven’t put them out enough for friends to enjoy and perhaps for the world to notice (which amateur photographer wouldn’t want to finance equipment and travels with their photography). And our lack of self discipline is to blame.

Well, without much ado, here’s some of my recent work:

Do enjoy. I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions and themes for any future photo shoots. Refresh your RSS subscription, I’ll have more to come!

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4 Responses to “The discipline of blogging”

  1. b.p. says:

    Welcome back! I must be at least 10 years for you (at least it has been for me), since I started my beginnings by copying and pasting your code, or at the very least, asking you about it.

    • Dan says:

      Hey, thanks! It has been 9 years, actually. I’m just starting to blog again, after a hiatus of almost 3 years. My newest post is being drafted and will be published in a day or two. So, the welcome is a a nice advance one!

  2. b.p. says:

    The strangest thing is that my RSS reader picked up these posts, but I *just* noticed that these were dated way back in 2007! Oops. Hope the last 3 years treated you well (or at least was a few years of good learning experiences).

    • Dan says:

      Yes, I updated my htaccess rules so that all my old content from is redirected to this blog, including the RSS feeds, so feedreaders consider it new content. You can probably update your RSS feed URL, although it might not be necessary, as it’s an automatic redirect. More details in my upcoming post, but in short, I’ve migrated to WordPress from MovableType and had to do a lot of internal housekeeping. Glad you’re still following!

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