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He Is Risen (Easter Service at ECB)

Yesterday’s service at our church, the Evangelical Church of Bangkok (ECB) was a celebration of the Resurrection. I had the great opportunity to take some photos at the second service, which started at 10am. We had a full house, as you can see in this photo – Pastor David King got me to take this […]

On the way back home

We’re sitting in one of the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounges at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport, waiting to board. We arrived at the airport with lots of time to spare, but the lines were ginormous. We persevered, and ended up getting an upgrade to Economy Premium, although we’re not in the same row. We’ll try […]

Photoblog is online

My photoblog is finally up and online. Please have a visit and drop some comments. The first set of photos are my post-coup shots. Technorati Tags: photoblog, coup, Bangkok

Bangkok coup blogging part 3

The Thai capital wakes up to a calm and rainy morning after a bloodless military coup overthrew the government. Some additional information that is being broadcast on Thai TV channels include: There is a ban on gatherings of 5 people or more. There are guarantees of safety to international organizations, diplomatic missions (embassies). The Thai […]

Bangkok Coup blogging part 2

Another news announcement. This time from a female news announcer, reading the fourth announcement as well as repeating the previous 3 announcements. Generally, it was stating that Lt. Gen. Sonthi staged a coup to take over the Prime Minister’s office. Information is hard to come by right now, except for trying to watch streaming news […]

Bangkok Coup blogging

“The Thai military have taken control of the city and a state of emergency has been declared in Bangkok.” – security bulletin received I’m safe right now, trying to monitor the news, however, the news just got blacked out. On the Thai news TV stations, a short recorded video was just announcement. The loose translation […]

In a Bangkok minute

This past month has been full of friends leaving Bangkok. Although life as an expat is full of these inevitable movements of friends, it is not really easy to see friends go. Helen, a colleague and friend has left to join her fiancé in London before they get married at the end of the year. […]

Bangkok traffic complaint

Writing about Bangkok traffic, complaining about it or otherwise, is like saying “green is… green”, or something obvious. Come to think of it, there are probably many reasons to measure traffic in other cities against Bangkok traffic. I’m pretty sure Bangkok is a good metric, since it’s such an extreme case (although some colleagues tell […]

Of klongs and losing shoes

Bangkok is well known for its infuriating traffic, which frustrates most expats greatly. If you’re willing to explore alternative forms of transportation (alternative to the expat experience of travelling mainly by taxis and the Skytrain), the extensive bus routes, pervasive motorcycle taxis and the speedy klong (canal) boats are excellent ways of getting to your […]