Relevancy and keeping-in-touch

I guess I’m writing because I’m feeling quite guilty that I haven’t written in ages. Not only do I feel guilty, I feel that an activity that used to be a relatively significant exercise and part of my routine has been lost. That general feeling of loss extends also to other activities – because I do not have a round tuit (as in, “when I get a round tuit, I’ll do [whatever].”)

I’ve been seeing many posts on Lifehacker about GTD – getting things done – and on quick reflection of my life, I haven’t been that successful. Emails have been piling up, my desk has been piled up with books, papers and all sorts of junk, friends haven’t been attended to, and I seem a little more worn with every-day-living. Now, some very significant milestones have been passed relatively recently: I’m engaged, I’ve been appointed to a post with the UN (basically my existing job at the UNDP Regional Centre in Bangkok [RCB], but in a capacity as a UN staff with benefits, status, etc.) These are two major milestones, for which I can’t begin to sing God’s praises, but our lives are lived in and through the mundane (by definition of mundane as: everyday; found in the ordinary course of events). I find that my everyday life is growing more distant from my blogging life (and to some degree my reflection time).

Most regard our everyday as “boring” – hence the association and connotation of mundane. However, one cannot have the “highs of life” without going through the mundane. I believe that Christ redeems the everyday, and that through our activities, lived in the mundane, done consistently (“take up your cross daily”, for example) we incarnate Christ.

Perhaps my mundane includes a lot of ignoring some tasks, brushing them away in order to “get things done”. With that fell swoop, I feel it’s so difficult to pursue the (now) lofty goal of blogging and reflecting regularly. Recently I am reflecting on the sobering realization that the relevancy of my theology and praxis dims as I write less. Blogging well takes some time – time I’ve been unwilling to dedicate.

Blogs keeps me in touch with friends back home and with developments in some topics to my interest. The converse is probably truer – assuming friends do read regularly – as this blog may serve the purpose of informing about my general wellbeing, especially living abroad in “exotic” Bangkok, no less. Even some of my email conversations have dropped a bit (what can I say, Art is a great conversation partner and naturally I want to spend loads of time with her!)

All of this said and now posted, I feel a lot better. I will resolve to take more photos, post them on my new photo gallery (haha, 0 photos!), connect more with friends, blog more, and take advantage of a year that isn’t going by as (crazy) fast as last year.

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