He Is Risen (Easter Service at ECB)

Yesterday’s service at our church, the Evangelical Church of Bangkok (ECB) was a celebration of the Resurrection. I had the great opportunity to take some photos at the second service, which started at 10am. We had a full house, as you can see in this photo – Pastor David King got me to take this […]

12 simple things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint

I’ve just uploaded a new website about how we can reduce our carbon footprint. We all can do our part by employing these simple tips everyday. Please share the website with your friends. There are localized translations in: Chinese (simplified) French Hindi Bahasa Indonesia and a Thai translation which will be published shortly. Oh […]

Nuts of and about blogging

In the short while since Ben has started blogging again, one of his last posts has picked up a good track of comments, which seemingly groks the issues between two of the major blog “systems”: Movable Type and WordPress. Now, guiltily, Ben is right that I have been blogging only nominally as of late. (Shame […]

On the way back home

We’re sitting in one of the Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounges at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport, waiting to board. We arrived at the airport with lots of time to spare, but the lines were ginormous. We persevered, and ended up getting an upgrade to Economy Premium, although we’re not in the same row. We’ll try […]

International Women’s Day photos

Yesterday (8 March) for International Women’s Day, Ending Inpunity for Violence Against Women, I was asked to take photos during the UNAIDS Executive Director Dr. Peter Piot’s address at UNESCAP. The message is sobering because as real development progress has happened in developing countries, violence against women has not been fully tackled and building a […]

(A very belated) Happy New Year

Happy New Year… well, Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig? I’ve been very much absent from any writing and blogging as of late, so here are my so-called good excuses: I’ve gotten married, work is more-or-less consuming, my hobbies (photography) are starting to ramp up, and oh… I just got married. I can’t believe […]

Miniature Earth

Miniature Earth – If the world’s population were reduced to 100, it would look something like this… I just came across this excellently well done Flash movie/presentation. It’s quite stirring and sobering. At the UN, we’ve just finished the Stand Up Against Poverty campaign (as part of the Millennium Campaign) which set a Guinness World […]

Photoblog is online

My photoblog is finally up and online. Please have a visit and drop some comments. The first set of photos are my post-coup shots. Technorati Tags: photoblog, coup, Bangkok

Bangkok coup blogging part 3

The Thai capital wakes up to a calm and rainy morning after a bloodless military coup overthrew the government. Some additional information that is being broadcast on Thai TV channels include: There is a ban on gatherings of 5 people or more. There are guarantees of safety to international organizations, diplomatic missions (embassies). The Thai […]

Bangkok Coup blogging part 2

Another news announcement. This time from a female news announcer, reading the fourth announcement as well as repeating the previous 3 announcements. Generally, it was stating that Lt. Gen. Sonthi staged a coup to take over the Prime Minister’s office. Information is hard to come by right now, except for trying to watch streaming news […]

Bangkok Coup blogging

“The Thai military have taken control of the city and a state of emergency has been declared in Bangkok.” – security bulletin received I’m safe right now, trying to monitor the news, however, the news just got blacked out. On the Thai news TV stations, a short recorded video was just announcement. The loose translation […]

In a Bangkok minute

This past month has been full of friends leaving Bangkok. Although life as an expat is full of these inevitable movements of friends, it is not really easy to see friends go. Helen, a colleague and friend has left to join her fiancé in London before they get married at the end of the year. […]

Asian American (or Canadian) Emergents Skypecast

I was just doing a bit of surfing at DJ Chuang‘s website/blog today and came across info that he’ll be hosting the 2nd Asian American Emergents Skypecast this Sunday, August 27th at 9pm EST (8pm Central / 6pm Pacific / August 28 10 am Bangkok). Having chatted with DJ Chuang (a good year or two […]

Bangkok traffic complaint

Writing about Bangkok traffic, complaining about it or otherwise, is like saying “green is… green”, or something obvious. Come to think of it, there are probably many reasons to measure traffic in other cities against Bangkok traffic. I’m pretty sure Bangkok is a good metric, since it’s such an extreme case (although some colleagues tell […]

Blasted Blisters

A new pair of Timberland TravelGear shoes I recently purchased have given me horrendously painful blisters, almost rendering me unable to walk. These shoes are a replacement for a pair of slip-on GEOX work shoes that have stretched too much (perhaps from unsuccessfully navigating flooded Bangkok streets). Those shoes replaced another pair of shoes lost […]

Adventures in unclipping

After having bought a Schwinn Mesa GX from a friend of mine about a year ago, I haven’t had the opportunity to ride in and around Bangkok. Apparently there are a bunch trails around this area called Phra Pradaeng, but I haven’t ridden there yet. Last time Ben came to visit, he bought me a […]

Kofi Annan in town

Kofi Annan is in town to give His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand the first ever United Nations Development Programme Human Development Lifetime Achievement Award. I’ve just published the press release to the UNDP Thailand website (the landing page has a nice flash animation scrolling through several images of the king), as we pass […]

Technorati this

I just got set up with Technorati and while at it, searched who is linking back to me. Well, well, I have several more feeds added to my RSS newsreader: Duffshot Weewian Flonado FacistMalady Of course I checked out some other sites linked off these blogs – and lo and behold I stumbled across the […]

Relevancy and keeping-in-touch

I guess I’m writing because I’m feeling quite guilty that I haven’t written in ages. Not only do I feel guilty, I feel that an activity that used to be a relatively significant exercise and part of my routine has been lost. That general feeling of loss extends also to other activities – because I […]

She said “Yes”

Over a month ago, I began plotting and planning how to propose to Art. We had been dating for some 16 months, and conversations about marriage and aspects of married life were very naturally to us without unbalanced expectations from either of us. After the whole meet-the-relatives exercise in Indonesia for Art, which was trying […]

Bratislava visit

I’ll be flying to Bratlslava (via Vienna) for 2 or 3 days for a workshop this Saturday (or Friday if waitlisted tickets get confirmed). Hopefully I’ll get to fly on Friday, so I’ll get a day to walk around, take photos. I’m told it’s a cute city, with a standard of living similar to Bangkok. […]

Too busy to barf

Friday’s lunchtime conversation touched on the incredibly busy lives my colleagues and I have. Phet was stating that we so busy that he could almost vomit. And in writing that previous sentence, my colleague has been running (not just walking-fast) back and forth past my desk. I can relate to Phet. Even though my boss […]

Long distance peek at people from home

Woah, I just spent a good part of my sleeping time surfing and reading blogs of friends from back home. Last week I practically went through the whole blog of one of my high school buddies. Tonight I speed-read through the blogs of several MCBC (and former-MCBC) folks. Some of them were “kids” when I […]

Old Master Q

Hot dang… I saw a link to the online archives of Old Master Q comics. For those not in the know, the comic strips feature Lao Fu Zi (translated “Old Master Q” – why “Q” I dunno), his friends – including Big Potato Head (a short guy with a huge head) – and enemies. They’re […]